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We are closed on Monday May 24.

We are closed on Monday May 24 (Whit Monday).

De Boemerang is now simply: De Boem.

But still the best thrift store in Amstelveen

For women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, (hand) bags, jewelry, accessories and (a lot of) books!

For furniture, household goods, white goods, A / V equipment, seasonal items, vinyl, CDs, DVDs), bicycles, toys, antiques and curiosities and much more!

Let yourself be surprised!

Are you always looking for the best vintage stuff for a small price? Do you love to score a beautiful item that no one else has? Then come to the Boem Kringloopwinkel (formerly De Boemerang) and look for our treasures! It is of course a lot of fun to buy vintage, but it is also very good for the environment.

1 kg reuse = 1 kg CO2 reduction

When you choose to buy second-hand items from our store, you reduce your contribution to today's consumer society. This results in less mass production and therefore less CO2 emissions. That's more than enough reason to stop by!

We are a non-commercial social enterprise

As a thrift store, we don't think it's important to make a profit. We are therefore not at all commercially oriented. What we do find important is the environment and the people. That is why we give people who are less fortunate an opportunity to buy beautiful items in our stores for a small price. Of course our thrift shop is for everyone, are you a student who, for example, just left? Then you are also in the right place for your household effects. In addition, we offer people who have few opportunities on the labor market a sheltered work environment and meaningful daytime activities. Would you like to know more about our sustainable social enterprise? Then read more about us!

Visit our stores and go on a recycling adventure

Whether you are looking for a beautiful designer coat, a second-hand watch or jewelery; we have it all. In our stores you will come across everything, such as special books, antique tables, flea chairs and a wide range of other furniture and white goods. Do you have questions about our stores or about it pick up and drop off items? Don't hesitate to contact us!

We work for and together with: