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The Boem Kringloopwinkel is located
for social and circular.

allowing people to participate in a meaningful way

As a social enterprise, it's not about making a profit. We want to help people who have few opportunities on the labor market. For example, people who need a sheltered work environment. Or are looking for a meaningful daytime activity.

We let others gain experience in an accessible way, reintegrate if possible and move on to a normal job. In recent years we have grown so fast that a number of people have gotten a permanent job at De Boem Kringloopwinkel.

Students from secondary and vocational education can do an internship with us to discover what is involved in running a thrift store and what it means to work in a social company. Bureau Halt and the Child Care and Protection Board also place young people who have a community service order.

reuse and recycle

As a thrift store, we ensure that things get a second life and do not end up in the waste. Items that are no longer good enough to be reused are recycled as much as possible. That is also important for sustainability.

We do not receive any subsidy. We earn our money ourselves by selling in the shops. This is of course only possible thanks to the help of all those people from Amstelveen who give us enough second-hand items every year to keep the shops running.

The items are collected, sorted and sold in our stores. For recycling, we work together with specialized companies such as Afvalstation Gemeente Amstelveen, Sympany (for clothing and shoes) and Veolia (books / paper / cardboard, metals, electronic devices).

Our partners

Our social enterprise is a member of Social Enterprise. We work with, together and for various partners. AM Match seconds employees to De Boem. We also work with ROADS, Our second home (OTT) RIBW-K / AM, Werkplein Municipality of Amstelveen,  Work and Reintegration team Amsterdam en Matchez.

We work together with Justice for people in the penitentiary program (final phase of detention). We carry out community service orders for Bureau Halt and the Child Care and Protection Board (young people). 
In the coffee corner of the shop at the Binderij, we serve tasty and honest coffee from coffee roasting The Headquarters from Amstelveen.

At the Binderij we sell rugs made from carpet scraps. For this we work together with carpet wholesaler Jan Eenkhoorn.