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Do I have a warranty on my purchased goods? 
De Boem provides a 3-day warranty on tested electronic equipment upon presentation of the receipt, the price sticker must still be on the purchased product. There is no warranty on the other products.

Can I exchange goods?
Because we work with used goods, it is possible that goods are slightly damaged, our prices are based on this. 'You buy what you see'. Claims of damages and exchange of goods not possible.

Where can I bring my goods?
Goods can be brought in at Maalderij 8 behind the shop, there is ample parking space. This is possible from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 16:30 pm.

What kind of goods can I bring in?
Goods that you no longer use and that are still good and usable are welcome at De Boem Kringloopwinkel.

How can I pay at the Boem?
We accept pin and cash, we prefer pin payment for the safety of our employees.

Can I get a discount at the Boemerang?
We only grant a discount (20%) on our items to customers with an Amstelveen pass (with the exception of luxury items such as computers, flatscreen TVs and items in the display cabinets).

Does the Boem also collect goods?
We collect goods for FREE in Amstelveen and the surrounding area.

Does de Boem also have a delivery service?
De Boem also delivers goods! For more information, please see 'Collection & Delivery'.

What happens to the profits of the Boem?
De Boem (in full Stichting Kringloopwinkel Amstelveen De Boemerang) is a non-profit foundation, which means that our results are spent within the company.

What is the aim of the Boem?
We try to help as many people as possible who are at a distance from the labor market find work. Our second objective is to recycle goods in order to contribute to a circular, sustainable society.

Does the Boem receive a subsidy?
No, all our income comes from our store and recycling proceeds.